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Alison Bowen is a features reporter at the Chicago Tribune, where her work covers a wide range of topics, from immigration coverage to health articles, or “all kinds of stuff about all kinds of stuff,” as once introduced on WGN Radio. With experience that includes editing and covering breaking news in New York City, her reporting has been in The New York Times, the New York Daily News and the Los Angeles Times, among others. She has appeared on the BBC and NBC to discuss her stories. Bylines range from mustangs helping veterans wrestle PTSD and a doctor studying torture scars to wineries nestled in unexpected places.  A Kansas City native, she studied journalism at Truman State University in Kirksville, Mo., and earned a joint master’s degree in Journalism and Latin American Studies from New York University. For a detailed list of work, click here. Alison serves on the board of the Association for Women Journalists-Chicago.