I write profiles, case studies, features stories and annual reports for corporations and universities. I specialize in distilling large amounts of information into easy-to-understand stories and making complex topics concise. As a reporter for two decades covering everything from family dynamics to legal issues, I’m expert at professional interviews that coax out compelling details and create engaging copy.

“Alison Bowen is a talented writer who helped produce our landmark global insights report in record time at the highest quality. She organized expert interviews in less than a month, delivering against challenging deadlines and across shifting narratives. The final report was lyrical and a joy to read, showcasing her strong storytelling skillset that brought life to our B2B marketing materials. I’d hire her again in an instant.”

— Emily Anne Epstein, Head of Editorial at a technology company

“What is this special quality that makes me look forward to editing Alison’s work? It’s her ability to humanize every story she writes. She gives voice to people who we don’t normally hear from, and finds the unique in the everyday. She captures the most relatable, stirring and emotional angles in every story she pursues. Whether she’s writing about religion, health, immigration or something totally different, Alison’s stories are people stories.”

— Saleema Syed, editor at the Chicago Tribune