I edit e-books, newsletters, feature articles, corporate content and more for companies and publications. As a longtime reporter and editor in newsrooms across the country, I’m expert in trimming stories without losing a writer’s voice. I’m a detail-oriented editor who adds value to everything I edit by ensuring it resonates with a wide audience while remaining authentic and accurate. I also enjoy giving evergreen content new life via updates, refreshes or e-books. My editing services have been tapped by marketing companies, major corporations and as an editor of opinion columns for the OpEd Project.

“Having Alison as a freelance editor makes my job as Editorial Director so much easier! Alison is an extremely sharp and compassionate editor; she works with writers to get their best results and pushes them in the right ways. She has a fantastic network of writers at her fingertips and will jump in as a writer herself when the assignment or deadline calls for it. She’s also very organized and methodical, so nothing falls through the cracks when it’s in her hands. Alison can tackle any editorial task, from coming up with big-picture ideas for an article series or magazine issue to copyediting or uploading content in our CMS. Plus, she’s a delight to work with and approaches any challenge with positivity and good humor.” 

— Megan Bungeroth, editorial director of Drive magazine